Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ciao da Italia!

Brother Weller, Me, & Brother Carrington
The last two weeks have been cray! I don't even know everything that happened. I apologize that this entry will be a little insane, but that fits my life we go. 

The last p-day at the MTC was really hard for me. During my last lesson with Dear Frat Carrington aka Peters, I started to cry. I testified to Peters how even in your worst moments, the Lord is there for you. I don't know how I found the words in Italian, but I know I have never testified so strongly. After the lesson, Frat C pulled me aside to see how I was doing. God bless the wonderful teachers at the MTC and their sweet hearts. I am so grateful to have been taught by wonderful men who love the lord and who love their students. 

For those of you going to the MTC soon, you will attend in-field orientation your last friday. They will tell you it is like Disneyland. THIS IS A LIE. But it is nonetheless wonderful and I enjoyed every second. 

Me & Sister Bear
Our last day with Frat Wellski was really difficult for me. I hate saying goodbye, especially to people I truly love. He has truly inspired me and made me a better missionary and an all around better person. 

In Milan, Italy the 28 newly arrived missionaries
from the Provo MTC
The last Sunday was tough, but I'm grateful for MoTab and the opportunity to watch Music and the Spoken word. The hardest part was saying goodbye to our dear Romanians. I realized, I had this idea that we'd all be together for the whole mission. Obviously that's not true, but it was still hard to say goodbye to them. I truly love these men. Their completely different from each other, and yet their companionship inspires me. 

The last day at the MTC was crazy hard. SO MANY GOODBYES! Frat Carrington is a very special person. He taught me so much about how to love the Italian people and how to constantly give all you can to them. I hope to someday become like him.

Oh Frat Pesci! I love him! I respect how much he was able to love and respect my district, even though he always happened to sub for us on days we were not our finest. I don't know how he did it, but I'm grateful for it.

I had to say goodbye to Anz Gunderson and Robertson. I'm not ok with it. On the upside, because they're serving in Rome I can email them. That's a huge blessing. These two men are like my little brothers. As we said goodbye, Gundy told me he always viewed me as a returned Sister Missionary, rather then someone who was just starting. I definitely think I have a lot to learn before I am anything like an RM, but those sweet words gave me confidence. I'm so grateful for the both of these wonderful missionaries. 

All 31 new Italy Millan missionaries
On Tuesday, we woke up at 2:30 to start the crazy long journey to Italy. What an adventure. I got to call my mom! Best miracle I've ever been given. Her voice brought me so much comfort! I only wish I could hear all of your sweet voices. Oh mom, I want you to know how much I love and miss you. On the plane from Chicago to Frankfurt, we met an Italian journalist. She's interested in doing a story on missionaries. We'll see what happens. In Frankfurt on Wednesday, we met a sweet man from Oman. I love people! His ability to laugh was truly a blessing for me.

We walked off the plane and into the arms of Sister Wolfgramm. Oh how I'm grateful for every hug I receive from this wonderful woman. We boarded a bus and headed to the Mission home. We had a short orientation and then went proselyting . . . at DUOMO! I gave my last lesson with Sorella Baer. I love this woman. I don't know how I ever became so blessed. I also had a short interview with President Wolfgramm. This man is inspired, he told me impressions he had about me, specific feelings, and each one was spot on. Specifically he said I feel things deeply. We know this is true; it's why I'm always crying, even when I'm happy. 
New Sorelle at Duomo

We were given our trainers and areas the next morning at the mission home. I'm serving in Milano 3 with sweet Sorella Stewart. She is already a blessing to me. I don't know why the Lord insists on giving me redheaded comps, but I love it!

I had two lessons my first night. One with sweet Anabella, who is getting baptized this Saturday. She's nine! This girl is ready; we reviewed the baptismal interview questions, and she knew everything! 

Sister Stewart
The next day Anabella had her baptismal interview. It went fantastically! (I still don't know if this is a word, but I'm just going to keep using it.) After the interview, we had FHE and we watched the testaments, in Italian. I don't think I've ever loved the movie more.

Me and Sister Stewart
I'm a terrible companion! I forgot her birthday! In all fairness, I went through the whole day thinking it was Friday, but it was Saturday. Halfway through I realized my mistake. OOPS! We had a lesson with Alberto, he's being baptized the same day as Anabella. He's great. Also, he always compliments me on my Italian; this I appreciate, because I know it's not very good, but I like to hear differently. 

Our house is infested with ANTS! But don't worry; I fixed it. Apparently I'm now an adult who had to do things like kill ants. I can handle it. Later, the traveling elders dropped off some things for the apartment. We now have comfy chairs, thank you Elders!

So my first Sunday in Italy was terrifying. Although, I found out we have about a thousand missionaries in our ward. Ok, exaggeration. But there are us, the mission president, his wife, two couples from the mission home, the assistants to the president, the traveling elders, and another companionship of elders. They were a huge blessing especially my first Sunday. One of the couples was actually in the MTC with me, and it was great to see them again.

So I gave my testimony, it wasn't too bad. Although I've never been to a ward where you have to fight to get to the stand before. IT WAS AMAZING! I love these people. Then the really scary part! My companion and I were asked to teach Gospel Principles that morning. No big deal right? Wrong. Number one, the lesson was on the priesthood. That is a lesson I do not know how to teach in English. I gave it in Italian. Crazy. Luckily, most of the class was missionaries, so not too terrible. After, Alberto came up to me and told me my Italian was wonderful, both in the class and my testimony. My joy was only shortly lived, however, because a woman from the class then came up and told me I need to learn Italian. It's okay; it's true. 

Later on Sunday, we were on a bus talking to a sweet man from Cairo. Apparently, when we left I agreed to go clubbing with him. Oops. The joys of learning a language . . .

Monday was my first scambio (exchange) I went out of the city to a small little town where I taught a first lesson with Sorella McNamara. The lady said yes to being baptized and even set a date! WOW! Later, we went back to the apartment of the Milano 1 sisters. Sorella Holloway lives there. It was such a blessing to see her sweet face and be able to talk to her.

Don't worry about me too much. I'm doing just fine. I love it here, and even though it's hard, I know it's where I'm meant to be. I love you all so much and I look forward to next p-day, when I can write again!

Brother Weller, Brother Carrington, MTC Teachers

Brother Weller, Anziano Lemmo, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Anziano Robertson, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Anziano Axson, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Sorella Haslem, Brother Carrington

Anziano Gunderson, Me, & Anziano Robertson

Brother Weller, Sister Pace, Brother Carrington

Sorella Baer, Sorella , Sorella, & Me

Pace, Baer, Gunderson, Ervin, Robertson, Brother ,
Lemmo, Axson, Haslem, Holloway, Bollwinkel

Sorella Baer, Brother , & Me

Sorelle Bollwinkel, Baer, Ervin, & Pace

Sorelle Holloway, Ervin, Haslem, Pace, Bollwinkel, & Baer

Brother Weller, Anziano Gunderson, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Anziano Robertson, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Sorella Holloway, Brother Carrington

Brother Weller, Sorelle Bollwinkel & Baer, Brother Carrington

My MTC district

Me and Sister Bollwinkel


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