Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So, I basically love Italy!

Sister Stewart, Anabella, and me - after Anabella's baptism.

I've seen and been blessed with so many miracles this week. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to the Lord for what I have been given. 

Last p-day after I had the wonderful opportunity to write all of you wonderful people, I had the opportunity to go to La Scala. Let me just say this one more time. I. WAS. IN. LA. SCALA. If you don't understand why that is important, let me just enlighten you. La Scala is without a doubt is one of the most beautiful, historic, and famous opera houses in the world. Lives have been changed there. Hearts have been touched. Dreams have been fulfilled. I know this is completely ridiculous for most people, but that building is almost sacred to me. Many of my personal heroes have worked in this wonderful place. I feel that when musicians work, or any artist for that matter, they put so much of themselves into their work that it leaves a mark. I could feel that mark. Most importantly, I was able to stand in front of a piano, that my hero, Giuseppe Verdi, owned and played. What joy! This man has blessed my life so much; it was incredible to stand so near a place he worked. Also, fun fact, the man at the ticket office gave us free tickets to the museum because we're missionaries. PERKS! And by perks of course I mean blessings from God. Honestly, I had been having a really rough time, but having that opportunity helped me feel so much better. 

I had zone training on Thursday, so I was able to see Sorella Holloway AGAIN! How wonderful is that?! Also, Frat Dean was still in Milan, and he stopped by. What a gift to be able to see and talk to two of my favorite people in the world!

Sister Stewart, Alberto, and me
On the way home from training we met a man on the bus. When we started getting ready to get off, he got off, but realized we hadn't yet and got back on. Sketch! He then got off at our stop and started following us home. Super sketch! I was freaking out just a bit and wasn't really in the mood to handle it, because all I wanted in the world, was a sandwich. True story. Well, this man stopped us, and we started talking. Turns out, he just felt something special while he was talking to us. We had a prayer lesson and set up a lesson with him for the next day. He accepted our invitation to be baptized in the next lesson. How amazing is the Lord?

It rained on Friday! Yay! I miss rain SO MUCH!

This is Anabella. We love her!
Saturday was the baptism for Anabella and Alberto! We made banana bread and my chocolate chip cookies for the baptism. (I've never given anyone the recipe before, but the sweet women in the ward really wanted I guess it's no longer a secret recipe.) The font takes TWO HOURS to fill up. So basically we were in the church all day! It's okay though, we practiced the musical number for the baptism and met with Anziani Garner and Malzone to talk about the area. They are opening a companionship in our area. The baptism was absolutely beautiful. There is something so peaceful about witnessing a covenant being made with God. A sweet woman came and asked if she could sing with me for the baptism, so we changed things around and we sang a hymn instead of the number we had practiced. This woman is precious. Right before we started singing, she whispered in my ear, "Ti voglio bene." I feel such love for the people in my ward and am so grateful for the love and kindness they have shown me, even though I only understand about a quarter of what they say. 

Mother's Day was perfect! Church was tough, because I still don't really understand what people are telling me, but I've been blessed with an amazing ward. Also, Gospel Principles [class] is made up of mostly missionaries because of how many there are in the ward; so that's nice. It's hard to believe I can learn Italian; I feel lost most of the time and my brain continually hurts. But then I remind myself of 1 Nephi 17:50. The Lord commanded me to do this, so I am able to do this. Maybe not immediately, but I can learn Italian. I got to talk to my mom and grandma! Oh my perfectness! Seeing their beautiful faces was so special. I could have talked to them forever, but I'm so grateful for the time I did have. Skype is a gift from God!

I love district meetings! Mostly because my district is incredible! So embarrassing story - Sunday night I was talking to our district leader, Anziano Payne, on the phone to give him our numbers for the week. I went to grab a post-it and tripped over myself, a chair, and ended up on the floor with a twisted ankle. I thought I had left my clumsiness at the MTC. I was wrong. Anyway, Anziano Payne didn't even hear it happen! Thank goodness!

Yesterday we had a new missionary training. Not only was I able to see Holloway, but also Haslem, Lemmo, and Bollwinkel! I have missed them SO MUCH! As we sat around eating at lunch, I realized how much I love them. I am so blessed to have these beautiful people in my life. I also slammed my foot in a door, so yes, the clumsiness has definitely returned. Too bad, I was really enjoying not injuring myself.

Perhaps one of the best blessings of the week is the Priesthood. I was having a really hard time; it happens. Don't think I don't love the mission, because I do, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. But it's still hard. We met Anziani Garner and Malzone at the church last night so they could give me a blessing. I am so grateful for worthy priesthood holders. I can tell you now being here would be almost impossible if I didn't know they were there and worthy to give blessings. 

I love you all so much. I can't even begin to express how much I appreciate your letters and emails. All my love, -Sorella Ellen Rose Ervin

Anziano Scalese!


Me and Garner. Don't judge the face, I didn't know this picture was being taken.

Young and Garner

Scalese, Malzone, Carmen (a woman in the ward), Stewart, Me, Garner, Young

La Scala!

our house

our house

Always have to have a post-it wall!

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  1. First of all, you're very lucky to have visited La Scala. Pretty sure you've enjoyed your stay there, and it definitely reflects on your write-up. Your post is so inspiring maybe because you have an unwavering faith. May God bless you on your future endeavours. Have a great day ahead. :)