Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Week of Many Miracles

This week, I'm going to do something a little bit different than usual. I could go through and give you a play by play of my week, but instead I'm just going to write a list of all the miracles we saw this week. Sorella Strong and I were talking about them, and I am overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of them all. Some of these might not seem like miracles to you; just remember that I have my own definition of a miracle – it’s anytime something happens which reminds me of God's love for me and the other people in the world. 

Fratello and Sorella Aguilera were on the way to a lesson with us and were telling us how just that day they had been thinking of ways they could help us with the work. Sorella Aguilera said a prayer and asked for an opportunity to help us. Five minutes later, we called and invited her to a lesson.

We found a family who had been taught by the missionaries in 2006. After the first lesson, which was beautiful, we found out they had been taught by four different sets of missionaries. They're still in contact with the first missionaries who taught them.

We were given certain families to visit by our branch president. Some are active some are not. He asked us to visit an active couple. When we went over, their less active son was there with them. He hasn't met with missionaries before.

We had three couples from Salt Lake in church with us
on Sunday. It was a beautiful surprise.
We had three couples from Salt Lake City in church on Sunday. They're biking around Riccone and the surrounding area. 
We got mom hugs from all three of the women.
One of the women asked us to help her with her family history and email her about it.
She found a family with her last name and went to visit them. They aren't related, but she gave them to us as a referral.
They told us they could feel the spirit very strongly in our meeting. Also, that they could feel of the members love for us and for this work.

I had the opportunity to sing in Sacrament Meeting. The other three sorelle [missionaries] gave talks.
When I was finished, Sorella Adriana [a member] started yelling Brava! Bella Voce! (Ok, this was a little awkward . . . but really sweet.)
Members came up to me crying and told me thank you.
When I called one member to see if we could come visit her, she said of course! Then she proceeded to tell me that our branch needs someone with a special spirit and I'm the missionary she's been waiting for. She wants us to start teaching her husband again.
Fratello Bazan asked me to sing in church again next week . . . I thought that was a bit too soon so we compromised and I'm singing at a seminary activity in a couple of weeks instead.
We got to talk to the two priests in the ward. They told me we make them excited to serve missions and they're so grateful for us being in their branch.

We found a Y [BYU] sweatshirt in H&M . . . in Italy.
We found this at H&M the p-day before the game. We
were hoping it was a sign BYU was going to win.
When we had American tourists at church
on Sunday, they gave us the bad news.

We taught a lesson in the park to a beautiful woman named Teresa. She's very open and friendly. I love friendly people.

One of our members told us where their favorite gelato shop is. It's all-natural and probably the best Gelato you could ever eat.

We've run into the Draghi family twice this week. At one point, they said they really want us over for dinner, but know we can't come without an investigator. Fratello Draghi wants to invite his parents over for dinner. He also said he's been praying for someone to introduce to us. 

During district meeting we were able to read a talk given at the new mission president training in England a few weeks ago.
The talk helped us with some things we've been struggling with.
Every time Sorella Brown read it was in a British accent.
It was probably one of the best District Meetings I've ever had because the talk really brought the Spirit and brought our district closer together.

We've been trying to contact a less-active family for a while now. They finally answered and they want us to come over.

We've been teaching Agi and he hasn't necessarily been understanding or paying attention. We brought a member. Suddenly Agi started asking questions that show his interest. He actually cares.

We finally have two bikes and we don't have to walk around Rimini anymore.

Our district leader Anziano Ramey gave us some of the best advice.

Emilio brought us food last night . . . just because he loves us.

Ilaria was really excited to come to a lesson with us this week and wants us to call her anytime we have a lesson in the morning.

I called a man who met with the missionaries a few years ago. He said, "Oh you're Mormon, you have a big family." "Actually, no." "No, your church is a big family that teaches the truth, when can we meet?"

We had a lesson in a house by the beach. So we were able to see the beautiful sea.
Please do not think we're disobedient and went to the beach.
We were teaching a lesson to someone who lives right
 across from the beach. Luckily summer is over so no
one was there so we could take a few pictures of
the most beautiful beach in the world.

There were many more miracles and I wish I could share them all. But I do have just one more. 

God loves me, and I'm absolutely certain he loves you too.

Sorella Ellen Rose Ervin

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