Friday, May 16, 2014

Being Kicked out of Vercelli

Well, they're kicking me out of my perfect Vercelli. I literally haven't stopped crying in the last few days. I'm headed to Collegno which is an hour away from Vercelli. I already know and love my companion Sorella Russell, so that's rad. I'll still be in the same zone so I'll get to see my sweet Sorella Jones a lot. I think God knows I'm not ready to leave yet, so He's trying to make it easy on me by only sending me a little way away. I'll see the Vercelli ward in June when we go to Alessandria for stake conference. YAY! 

I'm super excited about Collegno. They have an amazing ward, or so I've heard. Also, they have a legit ward building. Never had that in Italy.

Of course I'm heartbroken I have to leave this place and these people. Just like when I left Rimini, I just want to introduce you to the people I love so much here. Some of these pictures you've already seen, but that's okay.

Guardate [look] how perfect these sweet girls are. Notice the flowers in my lap. Yeah, they gave me flowers for Mother's Day. I love them!

My sweet Young Women. None of the young leaders were there on Sunday, so they asked us to stay with them for the hour. One of the girls gave the lesson, and then we taped pieces of paper on our backs. We each had to go around and write what we liked about each other on them. Vescovo [the bishop] came and participated also. He was trying so hard not to touch me as wrote that you can barely read his writing. These girls are special. Some of the greatest Young Women in the world. As I was saying goodbye to them, I just started crying. They all came up and enveloped me in the best group hug I've ever received.
I love them so, so much.
Mayyer probably thinks more then anyone else I know. Every time we ask her a question, she thinks about it for a good 5 minutes and then usually a good 5 minutes more. She really wants to understand everything. She's not content to have a basic knowledge, she wants every piece of information she can have. She's giving, loving, and wonderful.
So these are Fratello Simoncini's glasses. Two weeks ago they weren't broken. Last week we came, and they were missing one side. Monday we came . . . well they were missing both sides. 

Michela is super amazing. I love her so much. She is one of those people that when she gives her heart, she gives it fully and forever. I feel so loved in her presence, and I know everyone else does as well.
The Simoncini's. I adore this couple. They are filled with so much love, and they are probably some of the funniest people I know. I've never been able to talk to Massimo for more then 30 seconds before he starts trying to make me laugh. The thing I love most about them, is that they know how things should be and they want everything to be perfect. They don't believe in picking and choosing how to be obedient or how to follow the Lord. They do what they are asked by Him. It's beautiful.

Gianina and the girls with Heber and his mom. I will miss these two families so much. I have so much love these people. Yesterday, Valeria made me a cake because I'm leaving. I could just stay with them forever. I would do it in a heart beat. As we were leaving I started crying, and they just all started laughing; then they cried with me. This is why I love them. I've learned so much from them, and I could never possible forget them.
My super rad English class. We had a murder mystery party yesterday since I'm leaving. I died. Yay.
These are my boys. Most of our English class is made up of 20ish year old boys. They all want to move to Australia . . . so I'm going with them. Scherzo.[Joke.] These kids are the greatest. I can't even tell you how much I look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday because of them. I'm going to miss them so much. They speak better English then I do, true story. Sometimes they tell me about my life, and it freaks me out. But then I remember some of them read my blog. Ahaha . . . awkward.

Francesco is amazing. I have to say that because I know he's reading this. Just kidding, Francesco. I love you! Literally, he's the greatest. We call him Papa . . . you know, Papa Francesco . . . not funny? Whoops . . . He's always so excited for class. I cried saying goodbye to him last night. Then I cried saying goodbye to his parents. Why am I so emotional?
I adore Eleanora. Literally. She gives the greatest hugs, and we just eat food together all the time. Pregnant women and fat sister missionaries . . . we always have snacks. She might be one of the most beautiful women in the world. I could talk to her forever because she's so funny. I like to think she's the Italian version of me . . . but more beautiful and way nicer. 
Michele. Oh my gosh. A couple weeks ago he and Andrea 3 just came to class with Francesco, so we haven't known them forever. But he was so sad when I said I was leaving. It's because I'm wonderful :) No, it's because he's wonderful. Probably one of the politest ragazzi [boys] I've ever met. I'm not sure if everyone considers that to be about the greatest compliment in the world . . . but believe me . . . it is.
Andrea 3! He wants to move to Australia, and I'm all for it because he's basically already Australian. He has the greatest laugh, and he doesn't get mad at me when I make him play improv games. That alone is enough to love the kid.
Stefano's so cool he gets two pictures. The first one he has his hands out because about five seconds before he tried to put his arm around me. I love my ragazzi [boys], they were all just like, DUDE you can't touch her. 

Stefano's hillarious and he hates my green skirt as much as I hate his baby beard. His girl just had a baby, and it's amazing to see the changes in Stefano in the last six months. I'm amazed at how much he's grown up. He admits it too . . . that's the best part, that he sees the changes. 
Andrea 2! He wants to be a captain in the navy. What? I think it's the most legit dream I've ever heard. Maybe the sweetest man in the world. Literally. 
Matteo came to class for the second time yesterday. He just fits in so wonderfully. I think he spent most of the time laughing at me. That's why he fits in . . . that's what they all do. 
Nicolò! Also known as Samantha. I don't even think I could begin to explain why. The best I can do is say that sometimes I make the ragazzi [boys] tell me about their days, but they never do anything exciting . . . except English class. So one day they made up a super sweet story for me. I wish it had been real! Anyway, Nicolò is fantastic. He always gets mad when we play stupid games, but then he gets really into them and tries to win . . . even if the games don't have winners. 
Andrea 1! Andrea is like one of my best friends. Whenever I don't know what to do for English class, he comes up with something. He always has my back. Also, he has a sweet wicked person beard which makes him easy to make fun of. Just kidding, I'm a missionary . . . I don't make fun of people . . . often.
Last, but not least. PAOLO! Look, he's almost smiling! I mean, he has his eyes closed, but I'll forgive him. See that sweet little book. That's the Paolo comic book. I know . . . I'm the best. No, Paolo is the best. I can't tell you how much he changed my life. Paolo is a really serious guy and he doesn't really like to share his emotions, but they're there, just hidden. He's a big thinker, and he really cares about people. I've cried in front of him only about 1000 times, and he just always knows exactly what to say to make me laugh. He's always there for us when we need something . . . even pizza :) He sends us spiritual thoughts in the moments I need them most. Sometimes we're just awkward together. Okay, in reality I'm just super awkward, and he puts up with it. He's not just my dirigente [ward mission leader], he's one of my best friends, I'll never forget him.
The Machado's! This family is definitely special. That's the only way to describe them. There is a spirit in their home unlike any other. 
The Machado's are so giving they're always thinking about other people. I feel like I'm at home when I'm with them. They're just wonderful.

Bea and Matteo! I miss them already. I've never met two sweeter people. I wish I could be half as wonderful as they are. You know those people who are just good and there isn't really a different way to describe them. This is them!

Tina and Ralf! I love them. They're loud just like me. I can be myself around them. I never feel out of place with them. They love a lot, and they give a lot. They always think about others no matter what's going on in their own lives.

Marcella and Salvatore! Oh my goodness. Could there be two more perfect people? Probably not. I never want to leave when I'm at their house. I just feel good there. Love definitely dwells in their home. Marcella only thinks about others. She's always worried about other people, literally in every moment she's probably thinking of at least five people and trying to figure out how to help them. She radiates charity. I want to be her!
Eliana and Manuel. Well . . . the Martorana's really are just a special family. All of them. These two just make me happy. I can talk to Eliana about anything, and when I'm sad she just plays with my hair. Manuel always knows exactly how I am in any given moment. He's always telling us to call them if we need something. I have learned so much from them. Especially about how a really good marriage should work. They aren't perfect but they both try really hard and they both have a lot of love. I could stay with them forever and never complain. In fact, I blackmailed Manuel into promising me a room in their house. Yeah . . . I'm a good missionary. 

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