Obviously, we're the normal coppia.

Sunday we went over to the Aramu's house for lunch. Fratello Aramu wasn't there because he had to go to a meeting . . . in Vercelli. I was broken hearted, but that's okay. Sorella Aramu made us lunch, and we just spent a lot of time getting to know her and her little girl. Turns out, Sorella Aramu studied opera before she served her mission in France. Her last transfer, she was in a performing distrect that went to every stake or district in the mission and performed a fireside. If someone could suggest that to presidente Dibb . . . I would not mind one ounce. We decided we need to do a concert or fireside. We're thinking at the end of the summer when we get to move back into our church building. She's so amazing. I already love her family so much.

Speaking of music . . . one of our amazing members used to sing in operas in Rivoli. It's a little town next to Collegno. We actually live there. Anyway, last night we went through some of the pictures of her performing. Sorella Vicedomini is one of the coolest people I know. She's just led a fantastic life,  and she truly loves people. 

Miracle story. A couple of days ago we were trying to find a referral the anziani gave us. We had decided to do it after we left the house, and we don't have a map for the town we were in. So, we called the Anziani but we didn't have service. We decided to ask a woman for directions, and she turned out to be the coolest woman I've ever met. She's Italian and her husband is Welsh. Instead of just giving us directions, she walked us to the bus stop. We actually walked past her house. In the end, we asked if we could stop by to share a message with her another day. She was really excited for us to come over. We're going tomorrow morning with a message and banana bread, just to say thank you. Sometimes it's just a miracle when people are nice to us.

We went to the Superga this morning. Good thing because it's raining now. It's always raining. Anyway, we went on a super cool tour of the tombs of superga. We were in the basebent with a bunch of dead royalty. Creepy, but amazing. It was beautiful, but we couldn't take pictures. However as we were leaving, we were amazed by a super beautiful statue of Michael and the dragon. The tour guide said in theory we couldn't take pictures, but that she would turn around and walk away . . . so we could. Loved her, she was hillarious. 

We've been caught in rain a few times this week. The problem is some days it's beautiful all day and then suddenly you're caught in a torrential storm. It's okay though . . . I'm used to it now. One day we walked through a major storm. We looked like we jumped in a lake. Just normal missionary life.

I love you all. I hope this week has been amazing for you as it has for me. 

Con tutto il mio cuore
Sorella Ellen Rose Ervin

Sometimes we get stuck in the rain . . .

Often, actually.