Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Last Week

Sister Missionary shoes at their finest.
Well, here it is . . . my very last email home. It's all so surreal. I can't even begin to explain how I'm feeling right now . . . so lets just talk about the week instead shall we. 

Friday we did a good amount of biking. We rode about 25 kilometers. It wasn't too bad. Everything was beautiful, and we were able to see a few members. We were a little early for an appointment, so we stopped to get gelato. I know, so surprising. Suddenly the biggest bee I've ever seen landed on Sorella Curtis' hand, and before we could do anything it stung her. Well, that was Sorella Curtis' very first bee sting. Auguri! She was a champ, I'm so proud. 

Saturday we thought we'd try biking to Dardago and Budoia. So, it's not really that far from Pordenone; it took us about an hour to get there, maybe a little less. BUT, then we were there, and let me tell you we forgot one important detail. These two towns are at the base of a mountain . . .  correction, above the base. So it was just a little bit steep. And by a little bit, I intend it was ridiculous. The people we were visiting thought we had taken a bus, and when they found out we rode, they were like, is that even possible? The next family thought we had left our bikes at the bottom of the mountain and walked up. So, apparently only serious mountain bikers bike in this town. We are now respected so much more. We are also still in pain. We rode a bunch more because we had to go out to another little town. So we're thinking in two days we rode about 60 kilometers. I'll miss the bikes. 

Just our little bike trip.
We had this super sweet activity with the Italian ward. It was an Oscars night. Whoa! Amazing. The amount of work they put into it was super impressive. Best activity I've ever been to. I will be stealing it. 

Sunday was brutal. They made me bear my testimony in sacrament meeting. I cried . . . a lot. You all know how much I cry so . . . lets just say it was about 50x the usual amount. It's okay though, because I'm fine, really. And the ward knows I love them so . . . worth it. We also had a sweet family home evening Monday. Mostly it was just great because we got to share with the members how much we love them. Also, our anziani are pretty rad. Shh! Don't tell them I said that. 

Yesterday was tough. There were two missionaries who came home from the Rome mission. One of their families invited us to come when they were released so we could meet them. I literally saw missionaries walk away with the stake president and come back as normal people. WHAT? Is that even a thing? It was really great to talk with Sorella Fossa though. She's adorable. Also, I needed to see how happy the families were to have the missionaries home. I think the Fossa's wanted to remind me it's a good thing to go home and see your family, even if you're sad about it. 

So, I am sad. Heartbroken. But digging my feet in the ground and refusing to go isn't going to do any good. I've been thinking a lot about why it's so hard to go home. When you're a missionary, you see things other people don't get to see. I'm just not quite ready to let that go yet. But the beautiful thing is that you get to take with you all you've learned and all the relationships you have made. Add that to the wonderful family that's waiting for you at home, and I think what you've found is better than anything you could have ever imagined. I love my mission. I love this country. I love these people. But most importantly of all, I love the Lord. I feel blessed to have served him.

I love you all. Don't think that because I'm sad to leave it means I'm not excited to see you, because I am. SO EXCITED. Thank you for everything . . . all of your support and all of your love. You helped me be who I am now. I couldn't have done this without you. See you soon!

We're pretty much the coolest people in the world. You're welcome.

Last district meeting.

After the district meeting we found this dead bird outside the church. Sad.

Anziano Dean. I don't know what he's doing . . . or what I'm doing. We're awkward people.

Valentina! Just the cutest thing you've ever seen.
Miriam! I lover her SO much.

Zia Lietta!

Me, Cynthia, Rubin, Nobel, and Sorella Curtis.



Anziano Tymczuk! Canada . . .

I don't know what's happening, but it seems like a normal moment in our lives.

Gotta love the Anziani.

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  1. I am going to miss your blogs. I learned so much about what was happening with my daughter, ie: the bee sting, than I learned from her. Plus you really are a wonderful writer. Thank you for being such a great companion to Sorella Curtis. I know she learned so much from you in the five weeks you were together. It was a great blessing to her to have you as a companion. Now-Go forth with faith! I am excited for your family to have you home again! God bless you. Come and see us sometime.