Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This week was stellar. Really, it was just a major miracle week for me. Even if things didn't work out the way we had planned, everything just kind of fit. For example, Thursday all of our lessons cancelled. Every. Single. Lesson. So we made brownies to take to members. We also did a ridiculous amount of biking. I think I'm still tired. Anyway, we had extra brownies so we wrapped them up, took them to the church, and put them on the cars/bikes of all the members and missionaries. Yes, we are the most loved missionaries here. We try not to boast. 

Friday we went out to visit a member. Fun fact, she got the times of the return bus wrong so we waited in the middle of nowhere for a few hours. It's hard to do missionary work amongst the cows. BUT, this member is amazing. I adore her. When we sat down she asked if we wanted lunch. I will never turn down free food, mostly because then I don't have to cook. She was real glad we said yes, because she had already made the food. Italians are my favorite. 

We then had a sweet lesson with a new investigator. Chiara is rad. I know I over use this word, but sometimes it's the only one that fits. She has had a hard life, but she's ready for things to change. At one point of the lesson she said, "I sure hope you're the miracle I've been searching for." I can tell you, I will miss being able to say what I then said. "As a representative of Jesus Christ, I can tell you that we are not the miracle, but the message we bring is." It was an amazing and spiritual experience for me and Sorella Curtis. We've been able to see Chiara a couple of times now and have an appointment for tomorrow. She is really searching, and it's beautiful. 

Yesterday we went to do service for a group that helps people with Down Syndrome—coolest experience of my mission. Companies send things to this group to finish because it gives them something to do. So we went to help them. We spend an hour and a half putting little rubber bands over these metal screw-like things. I don't know what they were for, but it was really fun to talk to the people there. People just want to be loved. It doesn't matter how you show it; they'll appreciate it. 

Do you want to know a secret? Venezia [Venice] is the coolest place in the world. True story. We went today for p-day and I will be eternally grateful we did. I love that I get to be a tourist in Italy, but I get to speak Italian at the same time. I think you start to understand things in different ways. You also have amazing experiences with the people. As beautiful as Venezia is, talking with the people who live and work there is definitely the best part. We were looking at an art stand, and the man came up to talk to us and started speaking English as I was telling Sorella Curtis what I liked . . . in Italian. He was caught off guard that we spoke Italian, and he asked me if I was Italian. When I said no, he told me my accent was perfect. Yes, I know, he was flattering me so I would spend more money, but I appreciated it anyway. We talked for a very long time, about why we're here, about why he once went to America to study art, and about why we love Italy. Then he asked us if we'd ever been to Rome. He was surprised when we said no and started talking about how much better it is than Venezia. A couple near us started laughing, and the wife said they were from near Rome and how they feel the same way, but reverse. We had been talking to all three of them for a while when the artist turned to the husband and said, "Did you know they're from America?" The husband was astounded I wasn't an Italian. Again, flattery that was much appreciated. As we said goodbye and walked away, I realized that this is why I will miss this country. As much as I love the art, the music, the architecture, what I really love is the people. We also walked into a little glass shop where I watched the man as he made a little glass elephant. Coolest thing I've ever seen. 

Today was a huge miracle for me, just to remember why I love this country. I love you all too. I hope you are passing through the best week of your lives!

Love Sorella Ervin

Loving Venezia.

The moment I realized gelato doesn't exist in America.

Picnic in the park.

Well, apparently I still stress bake. That's ok though, because
our members like banana bread and . . . 

. . . we like pizza.

My companion hides when there are bugs in the house.

The first view of Venezia from the train.

Venezia [Venice]

You cannot tell but this Gondolier looks exactly like
what's his face from White Collar. I wish I could remember
his name! Mission fail.

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