Thursday, April 11, 2013

Buon Tempo

My sisters looking beautiful as always.
Hello my wonderful family and friends! Ciao!

This week was quite...interesting. Last p-day [preparation day-a day to do laundry, clean, etc.] after I sent the email, we had dinner and then a late class. So part way through class, I smack my head on a bookshelf. You are all laughing because this is not at all surprising. Let me just tell you after this happened my entire district was laughing for at least ten minutes. It gets better. Have you ever hit your head so hard that you threw up? I can officially knock that one off my bucket list. (Don't worry I made it to the bathroom.) Well, so at this point everyone thinks I have a concussion, because my entire head is bright red; no big deal, right? My comp [companion] finally makes me go out into the hallway while she calls the front desk to see if we can get me ice. Our dear Fratello Pesci walks over and wants to know what I'm doing hanging out in the hall. He then proceeds to go all doctor and figure out if my pupils are dilating. Five minutes later, he expresses he has no idea what he's doing because he's never had medical training. Well thanks, Pesci. Don't worry though. After 20 lbs. of ice and enough painkillers to knock out an elephant, I'm definitely back to normal. Which admittedly isn't saying very much.

Frat Weller left this note on our board for us. It means I
want well for you, but it is the strongest feeling you can
say without using "amore." Basically, Frat Wells is just
the sweetest.
We had a great sub this week. Fratello Jeter spent the last hour of class talking to us about the temple in Rome. I can't express how excited I am for the wonderful people of Italy. Did you all know, that not only will there be a Christus [recreation of the original Christus statue] in the visitors center, they will also have the twelve apostles. These will all be made from the same stone Michelangelo used. I'M FREAKING OUT! This is such a big deal. These beautiful Italians could not be more excited and proud to finally have a temple in Italy, and it's so close to being done. Next year they will be able to attend the temple with their family, and I feel so blessed that I will be in Italy at the time of the dedication.

Conference, of course, was fantastic! I loved every second. Also, on Saturday night the sisters were able to watch the General Young Women Meeting. If you haven't watched it or read the talks, DO IT! President U [Dieter F. Uchtdorf] is the bomb diggity. For reals, I love that man. I didn't think anything could possibly make conference weekend better than simply watching conference. I WAS WRONG! Sunday night we had an inspirational devotional. Can you guess who came? VOCAL POINT [BYU's 
premiere 9-man a cappella ensemble]!! I don't think I had realized quite how much I missed being able to listen and enjoy music, especially spiritual. I feel so blessed that I was able to be here at that time. After the devotional, we watched Legacy [a film about the beginning of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - which Ellen watched every Friday when she was 4-5 years old]. I have never cried so much in a single day, but they were good tears, promise.

So the lovely sister next to me in this picture is Sister Buonanotte
from Sicily. We love her so much, especially when she helps
us with our Italian. The sister next to her is her companion,
Sister Receveour. They are serving in the France Lyon mission.
I know you all love awkward moments as much as I do, so I have a lesson full of them for you. We were going to teach Peters (Frat Carrington) a lesson and I knocked on the door. Just so you know "come in" sounds and awful lot like "chi e" which definitely means "who is it?". So yes, I just opened the door; only when I saw his surprised face, did I realize there was no way he would ever say come in, in English. Great start, right? Also, I told him all the Apostles were killed after the restoration, instead of the resurrection. Undoubtedly the best mix up, however, did not come from me, but from my beautiful companion. While asking him to kneel, she asked him to pray on his "gnocci" (pasta) instead of his "ginnoccia" (knees). Great times teaching in Italian. Later that day, we taught a great lesson to a member who served in Italy. At the end he asked us if he could show us something in the scriptures. The scripture I read tells us we mustn’t be discouraged. If you change one letter in the Italian word for discouraged with an “a”, it definitely means to fart. Don't worry; I said it right. He just thought we'd like to know he spent six months telling the Italian people not to fart. What a great guy.

We taught another lesson to Salvatore this week. He's the one who agreed to be baptized in his first lesson. This time we taught about the plan of salvation. Again, we barely used notes. It's the greatest feeling to be able to have a conversation in Italian and actually understand what's going on. I know I would not have been able to do so without the Lord's guidance by the Spirit. The Church is most definitely true!

If you don't know who Glen Rudd is, you should definitely rectify that. Also, he spoke at our devotional this week. I feel so grateful to be here at the MTC, where we have access to such incredible speakers. Every single one teaches me something I know I definitely need.

This is the lovely decoration adorning
our door.
I am astounded by the amazing people with whom I am serving. My wonderful Italian district makes life so much better, and we've adopted a district of three Romanian elders who have definitely just become a part of our family. I love all of these people so much, and their testimonies continue to astound me, each and everyday. Many of them are on the very younger side, but they have the testimonies of people many years their senior. Also fun fact, if my dear Shea Stapley is reading this, Freddie Lemmo is definitely in my district. Oh Shea, how I wish you could be here with us!

I love you all and the letters and packages I have received lift my spirits every single day. I cannot say I wish I was with you, but I can definitely say I miss your wonderful faces and spirits. Ciao! 

P.S. We made it through the halfway point! I'll be in Italy in less than three weeks. Excitement is abounding . . . also fear . . . but mostly excitement. We know we fly on April 30th!

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