Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter and More

Sorella Baer and Sorella Ervin

So forgive me if I write anything super weird. I officially don't speak English very well anymore. Well, I don't speak Italian well either. Basically, I just don't know how to talk. NBD

After my email last Thursday, Sorella Baer and I taught a lesson to dear Nico. He cried. It was possibly the best moment of my life. You need to understand, this boy doesn't show emotion, but he felt the spirit so strongly he started to cry. That lesson made my heart sore. I love the spirit, and I love the gospel. Unfortunately, it was the last time we would be teaching Nico; the next day he showed up to our class. Yup. He's one of our other teachers. His name is Fratello (brother) Weller. Just as sweet and soft spoken as Nico, only this time he is the teacher. I love every class with him.

Sorelle Pace, Bollwinkel, Ervin, and Baer
On Saturday we had one lesson with Frat Weller. Teaching with him was Frat Boyton. He's the greatest. For reals. He actually teaches Romanian here, but he lived in Italy for three years when his father was the mission president. Halfway through the lesson, they took us outside and made us do wall sits. Great lesson, right! After that they chose me to be an investigator and taught me a lesson with everyone watching. It was in Italian. Great. They asked me a question, so I answered. Apparently I didn't understand the question. Really, they just sat there looking at me for a few minutes. Later I found out, I answered totally right. Talk about an unnecessarily awkward moment. Later in the day we had a lesson with another teacher. Frat Pesci looks like Charlie from The Mighty Ducks; no one believes me, but it's true. He's quite wonderful and affirming. He told me it sounded like I had been studying Italian for a while. I think he was lying to build my self esteem. It worked. We also moved into a different classroom on Saturday. So, our new chairs are pretty sweet, but the air conditioning doesn't work. Fantastic.
This is our district with our adopted Romanian elders; they only have three in their district going to Romania. Elder Vandyke is at the bottom right with Akson. Elder Collison is in the back left of the elders. Elder Hokkanen is at the far right; he's from Finland.
I love Easter! We had Bishop Causse from the Presiding Bishopric speaking to us. LOVE HIM! Later Sheri Dew gave a fantastic devotional. After that, we watched an old recorded devotional from Elder Bednar. Talk about an incredibly spiritual day. I am in awe of the sweet spirit that abided with us. I know now more then ever that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I love it here. We also received a wake up call. Bishop Causse reminded us that we hold the salvation of souls in our hands. We can't let this work be about us. It is about the Lord and those we are teaching. We are merely tools. Just like the Savior, we must remember to turn outwards and think of others, even when it seems so much easier to turn in. I also thought of Zechariah 9:9 It says, Rejoice oh daughters of Zion, shout oh daughters of Jerusalem." Our sacrament meeting on Easter was made up of more then 3,000 missionaries. This is our shout to the world that this gospel is true. What a beautiful opportunity to be a part of this great work at this time.
Sorella Baer and Sorella Ervin

On Monday this dear sweet sister we all love left for Greece. Her name is Sister Rapp; she's from the Netherlands, and she's one of six sisters serving in Greece. How blessed is she. Basically, she's the sweetest ever, and I miss her every moment. We had our first Training Resource Center experience on Monday. We taught two lessons. In each, we shared a brief spiritual thought with a member and got to know them - in Italian. One lady is from Denmark. She speaks eight languages. Both sisters we taught were so sweet and helpful, even if we couldn't understand most of what they said.

Anziano Robertson and Anziano Gunderson 
May your burdens be light - Sorella Bollwinkel and Sorella Ervin
Tuesday was a little rough, although it had some great parts. First the MTC President, President Nally definitely stopped my companion and me in the hallway and told us how nice we looked. If there is one man in the MTC whose opinion matters to us, it's definitely his. Later in the day, we were at the gym. This crazy awesome elder was doing some weird exercises. We asked him what he was doing, and we got a great response. He hits his arms together "Iron Arms," his arms to his legs "Iron legs," full on punches the wall "Iron Fist." Yes, he punched the metal wall and started bleeding. He proceeds to suck on the blood like it's no big deal. Great moment. We had an incredible devotional again. Again we were reminded how important this work is. In our district meeting following the devotional, we all started crying. Our sweet Branch President and his wife were joining us. It was wonderful, because we got mom hugs from sister Miller. Best time of the week is always mom hugs. We also got to sing in the choir. I have missed music so much that this really made my spirit soar. During the day, Frat Weller chastised us and told us we weren't being professional enough. Honestly, he was right. I am so grateful for his integrity and willingness to speak up even though he knew it might affect our feelings towards him. I have never loved or respected him more however. I like knowing that he will let us know how to make ourselves the best missionaries we can be.
Sorella Pace and Anziano Robertson

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic. We taught Frat Carrington a lesson. He was playing a Nigerian named Peters. It was such a sweet lesson, and I can't wait until the next time we teach him. Also yesterday, we taught Frat Weller. This time he was Salvatore. Our lesson was meant to be 20 minutes long. It went for 40 minutes - all Italian, with no notes. We spoke Italian for 40 minutes! We taught about the Savior, the Atonement, the restoration, and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. At the end, I asked him if he would like to be baptized, totally expecting a no. HE SAID YES! Neither Sorella Baer or I knew what to do. But it was the sweetest moment at the MTC so far. I cannot wait for our next lesson with Salvatore. Also yesterday, for those of you who already think I'm a hippy, I've fully transitioned. I've officially started washing my hair with baking soda and vinegar, thanks to dear Sorella Bollwinkle. I love it!
Me and Sorella Holloway

P-days are always great, and this day is no different. We met a sweet sister headed to France. She's from Italy, and her name is Soeur (sister) Buonanotte! Best name ever. We bore our testimonies to her in Italian and she to us. I love how sweet her testimony is. Later we went to the Temple, best part of every week.

I wish I had more time to write. I hope to hear from all of you wonderful people soon, your letters keep me going. Jamie, I can't wait to see your face in two weeks! Love you all!

Dear Sister Holloway

Sorella Bollwinkel and me

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