Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just another week at the MTC - absolutely fantastic!

Ciao Tutti!

Me and Sister Holloway
This week in the MTC has been absolutely fantastic! I cannot believe I will be leaving for Italy in less than two weeks. My heart hurts because there are so many wonderful people I will not be able to see for a couple of years, although I'm very grateful so many of the wonderful people I have met are serving with me in Milano! Si!

We had some amazing lessons this week, all without any more than Il Libro di Mormon. So that's exciting. For one of our lessons we even taught something completely different than we had been planning with vocabulary we've never heard of, let alone used. The gift of tongues is real my friends!

We had another lesson with Frat Pesci (fish). Really, the only reason I'm letting you know is because dear Sorella Bollwinkel made her very first joke in Italian. There is another teacher named Frat Cena (dinner). Winky saw them talking and said, "Cena mangia Pesci per Cena." So maybe not funny, but give her a break - we've only been speaking Italian for four weeks.

This is for realz the most gangsta Pace can be.
Sisters Bollwinkel, Holloway, and Pace
Sunday was FANTASTIC, as always. We had this amazing sister speak to us in Relief Society. Her name is Mary Ellen Edmunds [author], and she's served about a thousand missions. Ok, maybe I exaggerate slightly, but really, she's incredible. Best quote from this wonderful sister, "Don't touch the elders, but remember the one's you'd like to touch and look really good for your reunion." Yeah, that happened.

We give a TRC lesson once a week, where we teach to members who speak our language, as themselves. Usually they're recently returned missionaries who go to BYU. This week I shared a personal experience in Italian, in conversational past tense, WITHOUT NOTES. I cannot even handle how grateful I am to the wonderful Lord, for all the help He gives me everyday. I know, this would not be possible without the MTC and without the help from the Lord.

Me and Sister Baer
So, let me tell you this story. My companion, Sorella Baer is eating a popsicle. She realizes that her lips are stuck to it and instead of pouring water on it, she rips it off. We look over at her, and she had blood all over her face. Also, strips of skin are frozen onto the popsicle. Did we laugh? Of course. But don't worry; we got her cleaned up. I love my comp!

Elder Richard G. Scott gave a fireside [talk] at the MTC this week. It was the most intense spiritual moment I've felt since being here. He spoke on the importance of prayer and how much of a gift it is to us. What I realized is that I love prayer; I always have. However, there are people who don't understand the Lord loves them and don't realize they are able to talk to Him on a personal level. This is why I am serving a mission. Love. The only thing worth giving up everything I know and moving to the other side of the world. People deserve to know God is our Father and He loves us. I can't imagine not having this knowledge, and I'm so grateful to be able to share this knowledge with the people I will meet in the coming months.

We were hosts this Wednesday! Gotta love new missionaries!
This week we were hosts to the new missionaries. Basically, we picked them up at the drop-off point, took a few pictures for them, and then led them to where they would pick up their nametags. We then took them and their luggage to their residence halls, picked up their books, and took them to their classrooms. These sisters are amazing. Also, I saw Sister Jamie Greenall. It was wonderful to see her beautiful face! All of these young sisters have made such a wonderful decision and I know they will love the MTC. It's such a fantastic place, and you are reminded everyday how much God loves and is mindful of you. I know it is no accident I am paired with my beautiful Sorella Baer or our fantastic district and zone. It's such a blessing to be surrounded by people I love so very much.

Sister Bollwinkel & Sister Holloway: no explanation needed.
My heart is so full at the many tender mercies the Lord has bestowed on me. I know I am meant to be in Milan Italy for the next 17 months. I have so much love for the wonderful Italians already, and I know that love will only continue to grow. Hopefully the language isn't too much of a barrier, but when I get discouraged, I realize I started speaking Italian four weeks ago and can already carry on not only a basic conversation, but also a lesson full of specific and difficult vocab. The Lord puts so much trust in His young missionaries, and I assure you, I do not take that trust for granted. I know it is only through his help that I will be of any use, but I also know, I will take all the help I can get.

Vi Voglio Bene!
Sisters Bollwinkel and Pace

Me and Sister McGinnis: So Sister McGinnis shipped out this week. She's officially in the Ukraine.

Me and Sister Holloway

Me and Sister Holloway, again

Elders Lemmo, Van Dyke, and Axson

Sister Bollwinkel: check out this great elder in the background. Made our day . . . maybe our week.

Me and Sister Baer . . . and the mysterious elder.

This is Fratello Jeter. He subs for for us once in a while. This moment possibly made him my favorite person ever. Too far? Oh, well.

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