Study shot
This week we saw a lot of seemingly tiny miracles. In the end, I've never felt the love or the guidance of the Lord so much during my mission. We were trying to teach a certain number of lessons last week and were really close at 7 p.m. Sunday night, but we needed one more. We tried to see a family who is less active, but they weren't home, so we decided to go see one of our active families who lives really close. We knew it wouldn't count as a lesson, but we wanted to be able to share a message with someone who could use it.
When we called to see if we could come over, they were ecstatic. When we walked into the house, his daughter who is not a member was there. We ended up teaching a really simple lesson about prayer. The members were so excited we had stopped by at that time. The daughter ended up giving us a ride home, and the whole ride we talked about the gospel. She's not really interested in the Church, but it is such a testimony of how the Lord definitely knows better. 

We've also been trying to visit a woman who is less active for a really long time. The number we had for her wasn't right, and no one was ever home when we stopped by. We left a note every time, but it never seemed sufficient. A couple of weeks ago, she and her husband were home. They couldn't meet with us then, but we set up an appointment and got her new phone number. She cancelled the appointment because she had to work, but she really wanted to reschedule. 

Well, this Sunday she came to church and brought her daughter! It was so beautiful. The members were so excited to see her, and they just embraced and her daughter completely. Her daughter even sang with the Primary [children, age 3-11] during Sacrament meeting. I can't even express how grateful I was in those moments. The next day we had a beautiful lesson with her and her family. She's really open about the fact she goes in and out of activity. She wants to be a fully-active member; she just needs a little help and a little love. The members are more then willing to give her as much love as she needs. 

On a lighter note, our Primary kids think we're the best missionaries ever. We were asked to do Sharing Time [a group lesson/activity with all the children ages 3-11] with them on Sunday. We didn't really know what to do but we wanted it to be something super active, so we played fruit basket. You know, everyone gets a fruit and when your fruit is called you have to change places with another person. Well, we changed it a little, so they all had tribes from the Book of Mormon: Zoramite, Jaredite, etc, etc. We read a few scriptures with them, and then we played. I love these kids. I really love that we've been in Primary every week. It's probably my favorite hour of every week. 

We know there are going to be a lot miracles happening in Vercelli. We've just seen the start of them. This ward is ready to make miracles happen. I've never seen a group of people so ready to do missionary work. The ward itself is a miracle. 

I love you all. A dopo!

Sorella Ellen Rose Ervin