Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scambio, Chinese Buffet with Pizza, and Zone Conference

Sorelle Hoppe, Walsh, Ervin, and Vardeu
So Wednesday we got a call from the travelling sorelle and they said they wanted to do a scambio Thursday, so they'd be there that night. STRESS. They were both coming to Vercelli, so we had to set up another day’s worth of appointments. We called everyone we possibly could and finally set up a fair amount of appointments for both coppia for the next day. We were expecting the sorelle to come at around 9ish that night, but instead we received a call. Turns out, they missed a train, so they were coming the next day, but they were still going to be there in the morning. About 15 minutes before our first appointment on Thursday, we received another call. They boarded a train that went to Torino . . . but didn't stop in Vercelli. Sorella Walch and I taught our lesson, and then we ran back home to let them in. They finally showed up, poor things. They were so exhausted; trains will do that to you. So we ended up only doing a three-hour scambio because they had to be in Varese that night. But we did have a scambio miracle.

Sorella Hoppe and I went out to visit Fratello Manenti's grandmother. She's so cute! We could only stay for about twenty minutes, but she invited us to come back again. We called Sorella Manenti while we were waiting for a train, and she was super excited. They're going to come with us the next time we go out to visit her. 

Saturday was the best day of my life! Ok, that was a slight exaggeration, but only a slight one. Ralf and Tina took us to a Chinese buffet in Novara. ALL YOU CAN EAT! Also, SUSHI BAR! You know how in America, Chinese buffet's always have really random food as well, like macaroni and cheese. Well, in Italy, they have little pizza's. That was different. After lunch we went to see a potential from the Anziani. She's a super sweet Nigerian woman who really was interested in the Book of Mormon. We have another lesson with her this Friday, and we're really excited.

On the train home from Novara, we started talking with this really sweet woman from Romania. A few months ago her 22-year-old son was in a  motorcycle accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. She said she would love to meet with us, but she doesn't have time right now. The next day we were going back to Novara, and we saw the same woman. On the train ride, she told us all about her son and his amazing faith. He's been the one keeping the family positive while he's the one in the hospital. She was so proud of his strength. It was such a simple miracle, but seeing this woman the next day really increased my faith that we are always led by the Lord and we can be where we are needed, if we but listen. 

We had a mini-zone conference yesterday. Fun thing, no one told us it was zone conference. We were told it was just interviews. So yesterday morning capi zona called to let us know what time it would be over. That wasn't so bad. While we were on the train, however, we were called by the assistants who asked where we were. Apparently they wanted us there an hour early for our interviews, but no one told us. Whoops. It was all okay though. 

It was a tremendous zone conference. Anytime I have the opportunity to talk with the president, it always seems to come when I need it most. Our leaders are inspired, and they know what we need to hear when we need to hear it. President Dibb is our president for a specific reason. I am in Italy for a specific reason. Even more, I am in Vercelli, right now, for a specific reason. I don't know what that reason is, but I know I'm supposed to be here. I'm so grateful to know that our Church is led by revelation and inspiration. I don't have to doubt; all I have to do is trust. 

Zone conference = mail! All of you who wrote me, thank you so much! It's true, you get less mail once you've been out for 9 months, so every single letter is precious. Thank you!

Vi Voglio Bene

Sorella Ervin

Random movie filming in centro Torino.

Best Shirts in the universe? Yes.

Catching up on area book. Always a good time.

New shoes, never a bad idea . . . especially when they have a little Italian flag on them.

Italian boots. Saldi season is the best season.

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