Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Miracles, When We Need Them Most

God sends us the miracles we need, when we need them the most. I'm not even going to sugarcoat it; this week was tough. We were dropped by one of our favorite investigators . . . in a text message. Afterwards, we were just sitting in the living room, on the floor, by the heater. Sorella Walch said, "I feel like we just got broken up with." A lot of other weird things happened too, but that's okay!  God sent us a lot of extra miracles to help us through, most of them were members, come sempre.

Wednesday night, we went to visit the Simoncini family. They're so great! Sorella Simoncini made some amazing pizza, and we talked about families and how the gospel has helped us. Then, her neighbor came over, and we taught a lesson about prayer. That would have been a great miracle in and of itself, but there's more. Sorella Walch hadn't worn a jacket that night because we had a long walk. Well, the Simoncini's neighbor wasn't happy about it, so she made Sorella Walch wear her coat home, which meant we had to bring it back. Two days later, we brought her coat and some banana bread. She was so touched, and we talked with her for a while and taught a lesson. She told us to come back anytime we want and to always stop by if we're visiting the Simoncini's. It was so sweet of her, and we can't wait to go back this week.
Me and Sorella Walch with the Machados and their cat.

Friday night we went to visit the Machado's. I can't get over how great they are. We were there a little early because of the train times, so we waited for Fratello Machado for a while and talked with the family. We talked about how the kids want to go on missions, why they know the church is true, how they found the church, everything. We followed up on the family mission plan with them, and they are so excited to share the gospel with their friends. They invited us back Sunday after church to have lunch with them. I love Ecuadorian food! It's wonderful. But what is even more wonderful is watching this family interact with each other. Everything they ever say, is said in love. I want my future family to be exactly like that.

Sweet Temple made out of Legos (at the Machados).
We went over to Tina and Ralf's to do a family mission plan with them, too. They're so great! They have a friend they want to invite to family home evening with us. Ralf tried to convince us it would be okay for us to come and watch Star Wars with them and then teach a lesson about the Holy Ghost. He was so insistent it was perfectly fine for us as missionaries. We promised him after our missions we'd come back and watch it with them. I just love them so much! They kept naming off people they wanted us to meet, and then Ralf asked for a Book of Mormon to give to a friend. I hope after my mission, I'm as good of a member missionary as they are.

Monday night we had family home evening with a single mom and her three daughters. We talked about the iron rod and played a game with them. As much as we loved how excited they were about the game, the best part was that they really paid attention and participated during the lesson. They were applying it to their own lives and talking about what they've learned from the scriptures. 

I cannot lie; sometimes Italy confuses me .  . .
okay, all the time.
Poor Sorella Walch had a tough night. We were walking to an appointment, and there is a place we have to step over a chain about a foot off the ground. As we were walking towards it, I thought I was going to trip; lets face it, I'm clumsy. Sorella Walch was stepping over and the back of her heel got caught. At first I thought she was going to catch herself, but suddenly she was face down on the ground with her hands at her side. She didn't even try to catch herself. She rolls over, and I swear I was trying to say, "Are you okay?" but all that comes out is, "Get up, get up, get up." I'm the worst companion in the world, but it's okay because I made her pancakes.

I love you all. Every week I become more grateful for you and for your many words of love and encouragement. I couldn't be here without you. Thank you.

Sorella Ervin

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