Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Church in the Corn

So listen to this fun miracle. On Sunday, I was feeling really sick. I barely made it through church, and then at the end of church I was trying to walk through a door . . . and I walked into the door. Graceful. Anyway, we get our bikes to leave, and we start riding to the gate, but there's a man on his bike just stopped at the gate looking at the church. Turns out, he had just decided to go on a bike ride that morning, and he saw a building poking up through the corn. (Yes, our church is in the midst of a cornfield. We're sure lucky.) Anyway, he wanted to see what it was so he came on over. We invited him inside and gave him a little tour of the church and explained a little bit about what we believe. We taught him a lesson and then introduced him to our bishop and the anziani. He was super interested in learning about the church so he's going to come to church this Sunday. How cool?

Poi, we went home, and I slept for hours. Then the next morning we went to district meeting, during which I fell asleep. So we went home and slept some more. Fun fact: Monday was Sorella Russell's birthday. She wouldn't let me tell anyone . . . but because we couldn't leave the house we watched a pioneer movie . . . also I taught her how to play bang. Ok, I slept while she watched the movie, but we made smoothies.

We had a meeting yesterday morning, and the anziani brought us cookies. Anziano Beaulac had made four cookies that spelled FEEL, then he wrote BETTER SOON on a card below them. It was real sweet. After the meeting I slept some more. I finally feel like a normal person again, but I'm still really tired. Annoyed about it. Oh, well, eventually it will get better. 

So we've had a real full week. Ahaha. No, really cool things happened. Last week we went to a small town a little ways a way and found all of the less actives and members who lived there. Then yesterday we got a call from a member in Torino who is bringing a friend with him to our ward this Sunday. We've had lots of little miracles and a few big ones too. It's been a really good week, even if I did sleep through half of it. 

I hope you all are having a fantastic week. Vi Voglio tantissimo bene!

Sorella Ervin

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