Wednesday, July 2, 2014

That's My Life, Folks

Beautiful Eliana and the sweet, perfect Eduardo Lucas.
Isn't he adorable?
So last week we were trying to see the Martoranas, but they were at the doctor's office with their baby. Manuel called me to see what time our train back was, and he said they were on their way but they didn't know if they could make it. We waited for them at the train station, and MIRACLE our train was 15 minutes late. They pulled into the parking lot just as our train was announced to be in arrival. I ran to the car, hugged Eliana and Marcella, saluted Manuel and Salvatore, and then I got to see the most beautiful baby I've ever seen in my entire life. He's a little angel. I only had a few minutes with them before I had to run to get on the train, but it was such a blessing. I love this whole family so much!

Thursday we were waiting at a train station, and a woman named Claudia asked us if we would help her buy a ticket from the machine. Afterwards we talked for about 40 minutes as we continued to wait for the train. We taught her a lesson, set up an appointment to go see her, and said a prayer with her. About 10 minutes before the prayer, I noticed a ragazzo who was watching us. He looked familiar, but I couldn't place it. After we said the prayer, he came up to talk to us. He's a returned missionary in one of the Torino wards, and we go to church in the same building. I love when members happen upon us as we're teaching a lesson. It was such a little miracle. We saw Claudia again yesterday, and at the end of the lesson she told us to come back whenever we want. She's adorable, and we’re really excited to teach her and her family.

So I sprained my ankle, got shut between the bus doors, and was kicked by my companion this week. It was a good week for me, specifically getting stuck in the bus. I wish we had a video of it. That's my life, folks . . .

Vi voglio bene. A presto!

Sorella Ellen Rose Ervin

Best car I've ever seen.

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