Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Don't Ever Take Directions from the Anziani . . .

Every day is better with gelato.
So, this week was literally insane. I don't quite know if there is another word to describe what happened. We found out my dear sweet companion Sorella Curtis had signed us all up for the talent show with the American ward. We had to come up with a plan literally the day before. Sorella Curtis and I sang for everyone. It was sweet, it was great, they loved it . . . BUT, the anziani truly blew everyone away. Three of them sang Sweet Spirit. Yes, you read it right. They sang (well . . . lip-synched) “Sweet Spirit” from Sons of Provo. What did the fourth anziano do? Well, see, he was the sweet spirit. The night before they asked us to bring them some of our clothes, and then he wore them. Luckily a member in the ward also had a wig. I will not lie; it was the strangest experience of my mission. The members loved it. ALSO, there was lots of American food . . . the perks of serving with the military ward. 

Friday we went to lunch with Lisa (one of my favorite people in the world) and her family. I love Italians. They are so much fun, so loving, and they adore their Disney. They taught me Disney music in Italian from the Aristocats. Fun fact, in the Italian version, Thomas O'Malley is, in fact, Romeo. Also, when he sings, he sings in dialect. Coolest thing I've ever heard. I realize very few of you find this as excited as I do, but it sounds just like one of the old songs from the south. I think it's my new favorite type of music. 

Oh, a couple of people asked me about the Roman ruins last week. Here's some advice, don't ever take directions from Anziani. Oh we found it, but we had to take a bus for an hour instead of a short little train ride. So . . . we saw it for about 20 minutes. Don't get me wrong; it was incredible! Someday I hope to actually see it better. There is a room with an old baptismal font. How amazing is that?

We were visiting a new convert this week and I complimented a wardrobe in her house. She opened it to show me what it contained . . . only a record player and about 1,000 records of opera. HEAVEN. Turns out she studied opera when she was young, and one of her brothers was a concert pianist. We're going to go over and sing with her. Yes, I'm excited. 

We were going to go to Venezia today, but we're going next week instead. Today, we just chose a random town on a map, and we're going to go see it. That's the thing about Italy, it doesn't really matter where you go, it will be absolutely amazing. There's always something adorable to see. 

I'm starting to realize all the many blessings I have received during my mission. I can't even begin to count all of them and yet I know they're there. I think that you are one of my greatest . . . my family, my friends, those who write me, and those who pray for me. I want you to know how much I've appreciated it. I truly love you. Grazie davvero tanto. [Thank you so much.]

Sorella Ervin

Pictures from Udine . . . 

That's right . . . a chapel in the Udine train station. I love Italy!

Sometimes you see a sunset and you just know God exists and He loves you.

This is a pretty accurate representation of our relationship.

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