Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Funny Stories

I'm just going to warn you all right now . . . this email will not be spiritual one ounce. That's what transfer week does to you. There is so much stress! But lots of funny stories; so get ready.

Thursday afternoon we went to visit a family in the ward. We were there awhile, shared a thought, and talked about literally everything. It was so much fun. I love them; they're some of the funniest, loving people I've ever met. But, then we tried to leave. We all get up to go to the door, we say goodbye, and then the mom invites us for dinner. We politely declined, because we had to get going, and then the dad asked if we had another appointment . . . no. So he walked out of the room and shut the door . . . they kidnapped us for dinner. It's okay; it was delicious, and we still love them . . . I think I love them even more now actually. 

So G.E.M. Monday comes around. We were a little stressed about transfer calls. Like usual, every time the phone rang I freaked out a little. We were cleaning the house, and our bathroom sink doesn't drain, so I thought I'd try to clean it. We look down it, but we can't really see anything . . . so we grab a flashlight. It wasn't bright enough. We could tell it was a little clogged, but we still couldn't see. So I found my other flashlight. We look down, and we think it looks like something is stuck down there. Sorella Russell held the flashlight, and I fashioned a fishing pole with a hanger. I finally get this object attached to the hanger, and I slowly pulled it up. All in all it took about 20 minutes. So we think we know what this object is . . . but we're bewildered, so we think we've got to be wrong. But no . . . we were right. IT WAS A FORK! There was a fork stuck in the pipe of our sink . . . our BATHROOM sink. Of course it was covered in hair and other disgusting grossness. I don't know how it got there, I don't know why it was left there, but now it's gone. So that was fun. 

We didn't get a call Monday . . . so we were starting to feel a little less stressed. We knew neither of us were training or doing anything crazy. Peace at last . . . but not really because we still didn't know what was going on. 

Monday night we went over to Alessandro's house to do a family home evening with him, his dad, his brother, and their friend. We were on the way to the house, and then I glanced to my side and caught eyes with this man who looked kind of familiar. I didn't think about it, and we kept walking. Then I glanced behind me, and he was following us. Then I remembered he was a slightly creepy man we met on the bus once. I walk a little faster. We could see Alessandro's house, but it was still kind of far. At one point I looked behind me, and he was reaching out to grab Sorella Russell, but my girl just kept walking. I called Alessandro as we were approaching the door, and he buzzed us in real fast. They were all super worried about us. You know, I was never too worried. You kind of get used to stuff like that on the mission. I'm just glad we got in real fast. 

We played the best game at FHE. You fill a cup with flour and then you turn it over and pull the cup off . . . sandcastles? No. You put a coin on the top and then everyone takes turns drawing a line in the flour. If you make the coin fall, you lose. It’s kind of like Jenga, but not . . . because if you lose you have to stick your face in the flour and grab the coin with your mouth. Best game ever. :D

So we found out about transfers, nothing changed! We get another transfer together, and we're super stoked because we love it here and we love each other. Blessings! We're starting to see some great miracles, and we know we'll see more this transfer.

Oh, I almost forgot. Know where I am? VERCELLI! I had to come pick up my permesso today, so we're here for the day. Super excited to see the Martorana's fra poco [soon]. I love this day.

Vi Voglio Bene!

Sorella Ervin

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