Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bergamo, Baptism, and . . . Pordenone?

Sorella Gluck, Sorella Lemos, and me.
So this has been a rather full week. Thursday I went to Milano Centrale for transfers. I saw un sacco [a lot] of people I love, and I got the two cutest companions in the world: Sorella Lemos from Argentina and Sorella Gluck from Germany. How lucky am I? I'm pretty sure I was put here to be a peacemaker between the world cup finalists. It's okay though, there has been no blood spilt, although there have been challenges to calico. But really, they're amazing. I've been super lucky with them, and we've had so much work. Bergamo is literally a city of Miracles; we have so many appointments, we can't cover them all, and we have to choose who to see. Never had that happen to me before. 

Sunday night we had a baptism. She is, without a doubt, one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. She was adopted a long time ago but it wasn't official. Finally it was, and she could get baptized. I love miracles. I was able to teach in Young Women, give a talk, and see a baptism all in six days in Bergamo . . . which was really good because now I'm in Pordenone. 

So Monday night we got a call from President Dibb. When you're in a trio, it usually means someone's getting transferred . . . and it was me. President Dibb first asked me if I was unpacked and then apologized because I'd be packing again. I had less than 24 hours to get everything ready. Talk about stress. 

I'm literally so sad. I had the best companions in the world for a matter of six days, and not even a full six days. But it's okay, because now I'm with Sorella Curtis, and she's amazing, too. So Tuesday morning the zone leaders stopped by to drop off nametags I ordered (forever ago) and say goodbye. Che tristezza [how sad]. Then we went to the station in Bergamo. Here's the deal, remember Sorella Burkman? I know; she's great; I love her. She took my spot in Bergamo, and I took hers in Pordenone. It was great to see her for a whole two minutes before we had to catch a train. Literally we had to run. Thank goodness the anziani were there because they carried my bags to binario 7. All of us were running all the way. We were either on a train or waiting for one for six hours. We took four different trains, but we finally made it to Pordenone. 

So here I am. I don't know anything about the city, the people, anything. Except that the American base is here. Which means there is an American ward, which means I have to speak English. I DON'T REMEMBER THIS LANGUAGE! Writing is fine. It takes me a while, but speaking it is quasi impossible. It's okay; at least they'll get me ready to go home in a few weeks. Still freaking out.

I'm a little stressed, mostly just because a lot has happened in the last week. I'm in desperate need of a nap. Thank goodness it's p-day. 

Vi Voglio Bene!

The Mole! Coolest building in Torino.

MTC Group


Garner! I almost didn't recognize him it's been so long.

But it's been even longer for Pace.
First time I've seen her since we've been in Italy.

Nick was jealous of all the picture taking.

Don't ever leave Russell and Killpack with your camera.

Almost all the sisters from my MTC district.

Members from Milano


Anziano Lloyd . . . and Betchi, again!
Two of my favorite zone leaders.

These are my two angels. I think the reason we stayed together
for such a small amount of time is because they're just
so wonderful . . . they didn't need much time to change my life.

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