Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Well, it's that time again. Transfers! Transfers have changed a little, so everyone gets called on Saturday now. Which is nice, so you can say goodbye to members at church on Sunday. Anyway, we were at home Saturday to do weekly planning. We weren't really thinking too much about transfers until about 1 p.m. when we found out someone from our district would be getting transferred. Then we started getting a little nervous, mostly just for Russell though; we figured I only have one transfer left, so I'd just stay in Collegno. YOU ARE NEVER SAFE FROM TRANSFERS.

So, this is our companionship picture. I think it pretty much
sums up our lives together.
Well, we left the house to go to our appointment, and as we were waiting for the bus, Anziano Pagano called. I just figured Russell was leaving, so I handed her the phone to talk to him. She looked a little surprised, but nothing too bad, and then she handed the phone back to me. So here's the deal, I'm going to be in another trio. ANOTHER ONE, but this time in BERGAMO. That's right, I'm getting transferred for my last transfer. I was super surprised as I hung up the phone. I just looked at Russell and said, “I'm in a trio.” Russell looked surprised and said, “I'm going to Trieste, where's Trieste?” Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “But . . . I'm going to Bergamo.”

So, we found out our companionship is getting closed. That's fun. We started getting everything ready for the anziani to take over our companionship. But mostly we were just really sad Saturday . . . then we did some pass-bys and casa. Surprise, surprise, we got caught in the rain. We were huddled together in the entrance to a house of some person we don't know with the umbrella in front of us as we watched the crazy intense hail, rain and the river in the road. That's been pretty normal lately. 

Caught in the rain. It's really starting to get old.
Fast forward to yesterday. I got a call from the office and I was talking to Anziano Johnson for a while. He's one of my favorite people in the world. He was just telling me to bring the keys and the phone to transfer circle. BUT, then I asked if there was anything special to do for the apartment and he told me just to make sure everything was clean for Anziani Reeve and Johnson . . . what? Surprise, we're not getting closed, just whitewashed [when two new missionaries take over an area at the same time], AND my dear Anziano Reeve is taking my place, so that's exciting. We're so excited that there will still be four missionaries here, even if it's not us. 

All in all, I'm excited. Don't get me wrong; I'm also heartbroken. I hate leaving after only two transfers; it's just not my favorite at all. But, I'm excited to work in Bergamo. Sorella Walch loved it. I can't wait to tell you all about it next week. I love you all!

Sorella Ervin

On the train, looking at nothing but corn for hours.
It was really fun to watch all of the cars try to drive through
the lake in the middle of the road, until . . . 
. . . this guy drove through the lake way too fast. But then his
car died at the end . . . justice.
Hold to the rod, the iron rod!
So . . . there was a fight between the tree and
the lightening. The lightening won.

Sorella Russell, Elisa, and me

Me, Sara, and Sorella Russell.

Me and Elena!

Little Camilla!

One of my favorite families ever!

My district . . . again

Me, Miriam, Vanna, and Sorella Russell.
LOOK AT MIRIAM's shirt! This is why we're besties.

Sorella Russell at the Vicedominis


Raimondo and me



Sorella Russell, Raimondo, and me

Famiglia Trabastone
Angely. She's amazing. I love her.

Alessandro, Claudia, and their adorable kids after
family home evening.
Me and Sorella Russell

Me and Sorella Russell on bikes (Thanks, Alessandro for the picture!)

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