Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Calming Down

My new companion, Sorella Curtis.
Look how cute she is!
So, life has calmed down a little after the space transfer. It's beautiful here in Pordenone; I absolutely love it. Today we're going to Udine to see some ancient ruins. How exciting is that? I know, super exciting. On Sunday I went to sacrament meeting twice - once with the Americans and once with the Italians. I understood nothing when I was with the Americans. So look forward to some awkward conversations with me when I come home. One of the youth came up and asked me a question; I just stared at him blankly until one of the Anziani translated for me. My brain is so confused by which language I need to speak, so I've been speaking Italian with Americans and English with Italians. I know; it makes no sense. I always thought missionaries were exaggerating when they said they couldn't speak English anymore, but it's a thing, it happens. Yesterday I was saying a prayer in English, or trying anyway, every other word was Italian. That's okay, the spirit understands all languages . . . even mine. 

Scambio with Sorella Strong. Highlight of my life.
I was able to spend ferragosto with Sorella Strong. We did some good old fashion finding work like we used to do down in Rimini. We ate Greek salad, un sacco di cereal. Literally, it was just like old times. Except now we speak in Italian. Weird. I love her. I've been so stressed about everything, the space transfer, getting to know a city in five weeks . . . going home in four weeks. You know; life is weird. But she just talked me through everything, and now I'm fine. There is no more stress. 

Fun adventure. We're going to district meeting, and my bag broke. It just flew off of me and landed 50 feet away. It's okay; I fixed it. Then when we were coming home I tried to tell Sorella Curtis something. Bad idea. She turned around, almost hit a pole, and swerved at the last minute, and then I hit her . .  . so I will not be talking on bikes anymore. We were at home, and I hit my head on the corner of a cabinet. Just like old times at the MTC. Then on the way to an appointment, we get lost; Sorella Curtis tries to ride up a curb. She fails and ends up on the ground with her side in a big slab of concrete. About 1000 Italians stopped to try and force us to the hospital. But she's fine. I'm fine. It was just a rough day. BUT, yesterday we found two new investigators, set a baptismal date, and rode our bikes in the rain. A perfect day. 

I love you all so much! I hope your week is perfect!

I love the sky in Italia.

This is our huge church. That's what happens when you have
a military ward. Perks.

This is the coolest swing I've ever seen.

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