Wednesday, April 23, 2014


O figlia mia.
This week has been so incredibly amazing. I don't have tons of time because I sent a lot of pictures; I'm sorry you won't get a lot of stories. 

We set a baptismal date with Patience's mom! I am literally the happiest I've ever been on my mission. I just start thinking about it, and I cry. But it's a good thing. The lesson where we set the date was by far the most powerful I've ever been in. It's only because the love of Patience for her mom is overwhelming. It was a moment when I truly remembered why I am here. President Dibb says, “We are in the business of completing families.” That is why I'm here. To help other people be with their families for eternity. In the grand scheme of things, we're all a family. I want our family to be complete in the eternities. I want to see every single person I have ever met with our Father in Heaven. I want you there because I love you. Patience's love and her testimony to her mother truly reminded me what I'm doing here, what we are all doing here. We're here to help our family make it home.

Easter was incredible. We always have the most fun with Tina and Ralf. I love them! Monday here is a holiday also . . . I mean, not for missionaries . . . but still. We went to Biella to see Patience and her mom. On the way back to the station we were going to do a little strada. I think I saw one other person in the 40 minutes it took us to get there. So the three of us just talked about everything. Patience has given me a new life plan. Go home, find a husband who has at least five brothers with families. It is important that all of them want to live in Italy. Then we all move back to Italy . . . to Biella. Then Biella will have a branch again. That's my Patience for you.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your support, prayers, letters, and everything. I couldn't be here if it wasn't for you. Vi Voglio Bene!

Sorella Ervin

There have been these posters up all month about not eating lamb for Easter.
What did I eat for Easter? Lamb. . . . Worst. Vegetarian. Ever.
I was looking through Tina's music and found this!
Just my favorite opera ever. I love Italians.
This is Ralf, our very large German. How big is he? Well . . . 
This is his shoe . . . 
It takes two of my fists to make one of his.
Look at his smile of anticipation.
This, my friends, is delicious food.
Just a normal day in perfect Biella.
You all know how much I love Patience.
There was literally no one except us in the streets.
That's what happens when it rains.
The Duomo in Biella. Oh my beautiful.
Hello, Italy.
Back when there was a branch in Biella, this is where they met.
Cutest building ever.
Can you find Patience?
I see a poster for this all the time. Always makes me  think of my mamma.
Our pizza boy! Okay, it's Paolo. But really, how many ward mission leaders
deliver pizza to their missionaries. Only the best.
This is Paolo's happy face . . . may be why I thought he hated
me for a good five months.
Look at this beautiful pizza Paolo made. Ben' fatto Paolo, ben' fatto.
Can't forget the spiritual thought.

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