Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Miracoli a Biella!

This is my Valeria!
So there is this perfect town outside of Vercelli. It's actually bigger than Vercelli. There used to be a branch there, but they closed it down when they made Vercelli a ward. Practically no work has been done in Biella for a few years because it's too far away for people to travel to church. There are about 100 less actives and only a couple active members.

Well, Biella miracles started last week. Our super-great active member preparing for her mission moved to Biella with her non-member mom. We started teaching her mom last week, and we've had two beautiful lessons with her. She's reading the Book of Mormon, and they are both coming to church on Sunday. Miracle.

Monday Sorella Egbert and I were on a scambio. We were heading out to Biella, and while we were on a train a man sits down next to us and asks, “What does one have to do to join your community?” Well . . . that doesn't ever happen. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel, prayed with him, gave him a Book of Mormon, and told him the anziani could meet with him. Is he coming to church this weekend? YES. Also, he's really excited about GANS [Young Single Adults], and Institute. Miracle.

A few days ago, our anziani met this young woman on a bus. Turns out she lives in Biella and saw us there last week, but she didn't have time to talk to us. She lived with a member family for a year in Salt Lake. She knows everything about the church. She's rad. I haven't met her in person, but when I called her yesterday, she asked if we could come out to teach her family as well as visit her. Never say no to that my friends. Miracle.

While we were walking around in Biella, we were talking to this man. He thought that the church was back in Biella. See, people notice missionaries in these towns. He was excited to tell his son about the church and gave us his number. Well, the church isn't in Biella yet . . . but we're working on it. Miracle.

There are more miracles and I really wish I had time to tell you them all. Suffice it to say that I want a branch in Biella again. This town is so ready. Everyone there is nice and willing to talk to us. We're going to try and start a GANS activity there once a month, because there are at least four people who can come . . . and us. So pray for Biella ok? Thanks.

I love you all. I'm so excited for Pasqua [Easter]. I was asked to prepare a talk for this Sunday, and I'm really thankful for the added chance to think about the Savior more. He's my favorite miracle.

Sorella Ervin

This is Sorella Pini. She's legit.

We pass this almost everyday. I love Italy.

Why is our street so awesome? Because we're worth it.

I love Italy around voting time.

We're obsessed with Zombies . . . okay, Manuel is obsessed with Zombies. Sorella Jones told him I'm a zombie, and his answer, "It is so much better to be her friend if she's a zombie." So anyway . . .

My little girl as a Zombie.

I'm a zombie. Thank goodness Manuel thinks it's better to try a warm bodies approach
instead of just killing me. Thank you, Manuel . . . thank you.

Manuel is a zombie!

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