Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Italians Love Holidays, and I Love Them!

This is my wonderful figlia.
Look how cute she is.
So, I am basically obsessed with Italia. I can't even express how much I love this place. Last week we had three holidays, and there is a holiday tomorrow. I love that the Italian people just love life, they love to celebrate, love an excuse to spend the day with friends and family. It is just about the best attitude in the world.

Friday was festa della liberazione [Liberation Day - commemorating the end of WWII]. What did we do? We went to an activity most of the day. We went up to this beautiful park near Biella; seriously, it was gorgeous, I hope you all get to go someday. Sorella Jones and I drove up with Eliana. I needed that drive with her. I think we talked about everything we possibly could have talked about. She also planned my life. Apparently after I go home and finish my last year of school I'm coming back to Italy, studying in a conservatory during the week, and living with her and Manuel on the weekends. I could handle that. 

Surprise! Fernando brought his daughter to the activity. ELVIRA! Elvira is a member from my first ward in Milano. I haven't seen her in months. We went to Biella, and we stopped to pick up someone; I didn't know who. Then I glanced in the mirror and saw Elvira. Literally, it might have been the best surprise ever. Also wonderful, I actually know how to talk to her now. Elvira is without a doubt one of my favorite members. She came to so many lessons with us and is just about the best member missionary ever. I love her! We spent the day talking about music, the Atonement, missionary work, school, basically every subject in the world. I just adore her so much.

Best part of the day? We were leaving the park, but we had to take two of Eliana's friends to a different entrance. So we were going around some beautiful little small town roads when we got stuck . . . behind a group of cows. Yes, we literally were just following a herd of cows for 15 minutes. I wish I had taken a picture. 

We went to see the Martorana's . . . again. I am obsessed with this family . . . the whole lot of them. I just want good for them . . . so much good. So, we knew Paolo was going to be at work when we went, so we wrote a scripture and a little note for him to leave at his house. What else did we leave him . . . a comic strip with him as a superhero delivering us pizza. We've learned that if my headache is really bad, and I focus on something, like drawing, it helps. So I'm making Paolo a comic book. Shh. Don't tell him. Anyway, we gave him this comic strip. Sunday, he was probably the happiest I'd ever seen him. People, he was SMILING! It was a good day. So, Monday night I drew, probably, the greatest thing in the world – the five of us as superheroes. Oh I wish I had taken a picture before I gave it to Paolo at correlation. I was having a hard day, the headache was bad, and I was super close to tears/in tears. What does Paolo do? He tells me someday we'll figure out my super power; then when I ask him if he's found his, he points to the picture and says, "I have tights." This is why he's one of my favorite people. 

Miracle of the week, one of our young women is becoming the best missionary. I don't even know how to explain how happy I am for her. I can see her life changing as she focuses more on the Savior. It's amazing.

Also, all of you need to get excited. Manuel's favorite game is Bang! It's a card came about the old Wild West. He's obsessed with it, really. We played it a few weeks ago and in English class. Point is, I'm quickly becoming obsessed. So today I bought it. This is why you must get excited. I have no doubt I will force all of you to play it when I come home. Love you!

Sorella Ervin

Most beautiful country in the world!


This is Mayyer! She's rad.

I love these streets.

It was raining so hard this day . . . but we couldn't even tell.

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